We are sure that you do not just want to know how much it costs to buy the property, but you will also want to be sure of its real consistency by a careful verification of its urban situation, mortgage and land as well as the origin and reliability of the seller.

But above all, we believe that you have the need to understand how much you will spend to make it suitable to your needs and the timing you can do it.

The unique and innovative feature of STONE HOUSE Real Estate is to bring together in a single structure all the freelancers and the technicians, specialized in the different sectors, to give our customers all the services, the assistance and the consulting required in every phase of a real estate transaction, not only during the research and trades of their property, but also for all the preliminary and subsequent stages: estimates, technical assistance – legal – fiscal, registration of contracts, estimates of the costs up to the construction, renovation and furnishing of their properties.

An innovative theoretical and technical approach, both flexible and coherent, which STONE HOUSE Real Estate is delighted to make available to the clients and the operators.


ultimi immobili

Rustico/Casale for sale
Castelletto d'Erro (AL). Real estate agent: Massimo Grassi
379 sqft21


Massimo Grassi – Immobiliare MCB

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STONE HOUSE è una società specializzata nel settore immobiliare delle proprietà di pregio e delle originali strutture in pietra caratteristiche del nostro territorio...